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Every month two inspirational women, Barbie Sommars and Lindsey Jones, owners of MJU High Dining, host a cannabis event that depicts Beatie’s view and promises to be fun, informative and professional. Among those is a sushi and doobie rolling workshop, in which patients turned into students and spent most the night learning how to roll a joint and a Sumo Crunchy roll. This month’s class took place Sept. 9 at a private studio in Santa Ana and I was fortunate to attend.

I was greeted by a friendly face with a smile and stoner eyes, given a gift bag and told to enjoy myself; that I will. This place has turned into a popular spot for cannabis events now, so I’ve been there before, but I should have known High Dining would transform this space into the perfect size classroom. Creating an ideal environment to network and mingle, some of which have done work together in the past.

“I love sushi and I love blunts, so it’s the best of both worlds,” said workshop student Sergio Vazquez of Long Beach. At first glance, it might seem like that’s the only reason for Mary Jane University’s High Dining sushi and doobie workshop, but once you take a step inside, it’s evident there’s so much more depth to each component of their events.

“Tonight’s purpose of the sushi doobie rolling workshop is to number one to teach people about rolling sushi and rolling doobies,” explained event hostess Keiko Beatie. “But the most important thing is the proliferation of the social events around cannabis in a responsible way.”

Each station was equipped with everything one would need to roll both sushi and a joint, minus the weed and the fish, which for obvious reasons weren’t left out as the time to learn hadn’t come yet. While we conversed, servers tray passed fresh salmon sashimi, seared scallop hand rolls and poke martinis made with Pot d’ Huile’s cannabis infused olive oil.

When I wasn’t stuffing my face with all of Chef Victor Miller’s canna sushi concoctions, I was admiring the one of a kind fine jewelry of Faerie Jane, indulging on the bud chocolate by event sponsors, getting educated by Mary Jane University and thanking Pot d’ Huile for the added benefit in the evening’s food.

“I want it to enhance the flavor of the food and also the experience is kind of what I’m looking for,” said Mike Afuso of Laguna Niguel. “Because I’m trying to learn to cook with it [cannabis] so that’s why I’m here to learn, not just with sushi, but in general.”

Education is usually the primary objective, but with Controllerist Jack Pharaoh playing 90s hip-hop, the Brite Labs dab bar and Pepper & Co.’s CBD infused rice crispy desserts “calling” my name, I had to really focus on my priorities. Fortunately for me, I had plenty of time to do it all and when a professional such as Chef Miller is your instructor, you already have a positive learning curve.

“I like educating people, teaching and giving people different flavors that maybe they’ve never tried before or thought wouldn’t be good,” Chef said. “I like just being creative and having fun.”

Sushi, Professionalism and Cannabis Meet at MJU High Dining Event

*All High Dining events are 21+

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