What’s better than learning how to roll sushi that is infused with cannabis oil? Brushing up on your joint rolling and O-blowing skills at the same time.  That is the concept behind  Mary Jane University’s Sushi & Doobie Rolling Workshops in Santa Ana. Hosted by the adorable Keiko Beatie, participants learned the techniques of sushi rolling from Chef Victor Miller of Nobu status and joint rolling from Rachel Wolfson of @wolfiememes. Bud was provided by Hummingbird Medicinals and Brite Lab had a vape station to cruise by. Attending the event as media, I understand the need for content creation in all forms, however the overwhelming amount of outside media accouterment was distracting from being present during the educational experience. Regardless, I thought the event was fun and organized and the bites of infused sushi passed out upon arriving were delicious. Follow MJU and The High Dining series on Instagram to get your tickets to the next event and support a fellow female-owned company in the cannabis space.

Photos by the talented Edi Verdugo,  check out more of his portrait work on Instagram