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Sushi & Doobie Rolling Workshop & Dinner Party

The New Year brings exciting fresh trends on the horizon with a focus on education and infused dining, The MJU High Dining Club presented the “Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop” this past January in Southern California.

This exciting dining event was held at the premiere glass blowing facility Goosefire Gallery located in Orange County, CA. Amongst talented glass blowers and a gallery of glass artwork, beautiful bongs, and exquisite pipes was the setting for this Asian themed foodie workshop. The High Dining “Students” were able to view functional glass artwork being created while drinking lightly medicated organic sencha green tea provided by Honey Pot while visiting with Hummingbird Medicinals and One Love Beach Club, the sponsoring collective. Gorgeous pass appetizers were enjoyed by all.

Students signed up to learn the art of sushi preparation and the professional on hand was Chef Victor, who trained with a master sushi sensei. Chef Victor works with a professional sports group as a sushi chef. His extensive knowledge of the history, fish quality and the art of sushi making were apparent as he share a myriad of information to the eager sushi students. After students learned how to roll sushi, Chef Victor guided them through rolling a doobie, using a organic sungrown Northern CA flower from Hummingbird Medicinals. The strain was Golden White Grapefruit and the citrus notes paired perfectly with the fish.

As guests came in, they were greeted by a kimono clad hostess who assisted them with creating a Japanese fan to place at their sushi making station. In the background a DJ set the mood with music to roll by. The excited guests were able to see the fresh fish that was just flown in straight from Hawaii, with crab from Alaska. The excitement was mounting as the last student arrived and the Chef was about to start cannabis culinary sushi preparation as the Asian Maiden doled out the Hummingbird Medicinals flowers from a crystal bowl to each student.

Chef Victor spoke about the history and tradition while infusing parts of the rice and sauces. The seafood had amazing color and freshness to each piece and the students followed along laughing and committed to making a perfect sushi roll. With the nori seaweed, seasoned rice, fresh fish and cannabis infusion each sushi student had rolled a perfect sushi. Add in the wasabi and soy sauce and everyone was able to taste their rockin n’ rolling infused sushi.

Next, Chef Victor shared about the process of grinding the buds, rolling papers and the art of rolling a good joint, aka doobie.

Some of the guests, though familiar with cannabis infusion, had never rolled a joint. To learn about proper grinding was a revelation as well as about the different types of rolling papers. Before long, our diverse group of students had all rolled sushi and a joint and learned so much about cannabis and its values for health, well-being and enjoyment. Chef Victor then went to the sushi bar action station and made a vast array of sushi to the delight of new sushi aficionados.

Guests left with a gift bag of products from Honey Pot, Hummingbird Medicinals, 1 Love Beach Club, Faerie Jane, W Vapes, MoonMan’s Mistress, The Jelly Shamans, Sagely Naturals, Awakened Topicals while the high dining club members enjoyed premium gift bags with the addition of Defonce’ Chocolate, ElevatedApothecary, KindScientific and a 5oz bear from HoneyPot!

MJU High Dining, created by Barbie Sommars and Lindsey Jones, is a division of Mary Jane University, an educational group that strives to provide education on cannabis lifestyle, health and ancillary products in the industry. Their mission is to bring in home education on many subjects of interest that assists in mainstreaming cannabis knowledge to the community in a responsible manner.

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