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Love weed and raw fish? Extension classes get no better than this.

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On Saturday, January 14, MJU High Dining put on a first-of-its kind event held at GooseFire Gallery—a showplace for museum-quality functional glass pieces in Westminster, California. A ticket to the event included entry into the elevated GooseFire Gallery, professional food-presentation education by guest sushi chef Victor Miller, sushi and doobie rolling supplies, and a goodie bag stuffed full of sponsored gifts.

The Goosefire Gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of the best in modern and experimental glass art. Participants were able to view live glass blowing by industry veterans. The pieces being blown were so intricate and beautiful it was hard not to be mesmerized. It was truly amazing to witness these down-to-earth, hard-working guys create and capture magic in a piece of shining, functional glass.

Adjacent to the glass-blowing shop, separated by a red-velvet rope, black tablecloths were draped over long rows of tables. A variety of tools for the two-hour workshop—rice rollers, chopsticks, Hakuna grinders, flower donated by Hummingbird Medicinals, Elements Rolling Papers—were arrayed upon 25 place mats.

Chef Victor Miller hails from Alaska, a place that has a passion for fresh fish and good weed. He has been lucky enough to work with some of the highest quality seafood the world has to offer and accepts no less. Chef Victor has made sushi for more than half his life, and for events such as the Stanley Cup, NBA finals, America’s Cup, Grammys, and X-Games.

Chef Victor discussed the history of sushi, where to find good fish, and the secrets of preparing sushi rice. He then demonstrated the proper and complementary techniques of how to make sushi and roll a doobie.

Participants smiled and laughed as their rolling skills were put to the test. Some needed extra help from their classmates.

Watching the sticky green buds be ground into finely shredded weed was a vision of beauty and bounty.

After class was dismissed, participants were able to taste their labors by sparking up doobies while watching live glassblowing, listening to music spun by a cool DJ, and learning more about the sponsors’ products and how to incorporate them into personal recipes.

Sponsors were very generous with handing out samples and educating participants on the many benefits of cannabis and the importance of accurate dosing.

Chef Victor and his hard-working crew served up beautiful sushi dishes and appetizers at the hand-roll action station.

One participant who was on a date with her boyfriend was so physically and mentally satiated that all she could say, again and again, was, “We had such a great time!”

All photos by Leighlani Wiglitton.

The food was incredible, the weed was strong, and the vibes were amazing.

The Sushi and Doobie Rolling Workshop was a first-time event, but certainly not the last. MJU High Dining is already selling tickets for its next event, and I, for one, am very excited to see what’s in store for the future of bringing together cannabis and food.

Thanks to PuffPuffPassCo for including Kindland in this evening of tastebud and bud-tasting delight.

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